Back Bay Apartments Welcome to Boston!

About the Back Bay

The Back Bay is one of the most beautiful, well known, and sought after neighborhoods to live in the country. It is called "Back Bay", because it was once literally a bay in the "back" of Boston before an extensive landfill project in the 1800's. The landfill project began in 1857 and was completed in 1882. The landfill reached Kenmore Square in 1890, which was an island prior to the landfill. The landfill reached the Back Bay fens in 1900.

The Back Bay became the home to Boston's yankee elite, often known as the "Boston Brahmins". The brownstones of Commonwealth Ave, Marlborough Street, and Beacon Street were once single family homes for these "first families". Mostly all have now been chopped up into studio, 1, and 2 bedroom condos & apartments.

There are 100's of world class restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in the Back Bay. Copley Square is one of the main cultural centers of Boston. Newbury Street is where many of Boston's upscale retail stores and botiques are located. Boylston Street is a major center of commercial activity, and is home to the Prudential Center, Boston's 2nd tallest skyscraper. The Hancock Tower, Boston's tallest skyscraper, is located in Copley Square as well.

Studio apartments in the Back Bay typically start around $1200. 1 bedroom apartments in the Back Bay typically start around $1700. 2 bedroom apartments typically start around $2400.