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Heritage on the Garden

Heritage on the Garden

When it comes to big-city apartment living, it's tough to beat Heritage on the Garden. A standout among Back Bay apartments, this development boasts a fine lineup of apartment homes and many great amenities. Let Boston City Properties assist you in securing a new home in this incredible building.

The Basics

The building in which Heritage on the Park is located was built in 1988. Located on the public green, the development shares space with numerous popular retail shops.


Management at Heritage on the Green goes out of its way to make life pleasant and easy for residents. A few of the amenities you'll enjoy by renting an apartment here include:

• Garage Parking - Conveniently, Heritage on the Green offers a well-lit, secure underground parking garage. An extra monthly fee applies to take advantage of this premium parking area, but it's a great deal compared with most other options in this part of the city.
• Doorman - A doorman is on duty 24 hours a day at Heritage on the Green, enhancing the overall security of the building and giving residents a more personalized experience.
• Events - Heritage on the Green holds numerous events for its residents, allowing them to get to know each other and fostering a spirit of community. These events include regular Sunday brunches, tea times and coffee hours.


Given its prime location and compelling amenities, Heritage on the Green doesn't have vacancies very often. When they appear, they are gone nearly as quickly. Fortunately, Boston City Properties offers up-to-the-minute listings, allowing you to find a great new home in this fascinating building.

Some facts about Heritage on the Green apartments include:

• Types - The majority of the residences at Heritage on the Green are two-bedroom, two-bath units. Some condo homes here offer upwards of five bathrooms. In terms of space, units here offer anywhere from 2,300 to more than 5,000 square feet.
• Washer and Dryer - Heritage on the Green doesn't have laundry facilities because each unit is equipped with its own washer and dryer. Once you get used to having your own laundry area, you'll never want to go back to visiting laundromats.
• Floor-to-Ceiling Windows - Massive windows lend units at Heritage on the Green airy, spacious looks and feels that you will love. All of that natural light brightens up the place, and those massive windows let you enjoy terrific views of the city.

Find a Stunning Home at Heritage on the Green with Boston City Properties

Given the competitive nature of the local rental market, finding Back Bay apartments can be tricky. Do yourself a favor and turn to the experts at Boston City Properties. With our handy, informative listings, you'll zero in on great opportunities at Heritage on the Green in no time.