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Marlborough Street

Marlborough Street

Looking for a great apartment or condo to buy or rent in Boston's Back Bay? You'll find all kinds of options on Marlborough Street, one of the best-known thoroughfares in this vibrant and trendy neighborhood. Like Boston's real estate market in general, however, scoring the Marlborough Street condo or apartment of your dreams can be tricky. Vacancies along this highly desirable street are snapped up quickly, and sorting through the available options at any given time is confusing. With help from Boston City Properties, you can quickly identify Marlborough Street apartments and condos for sale or rent that suit your needs and your budget.

About Apartments and Condos on Marlborough Street

Unlike most areas in Boston -- including elsewhere in the Back Bay -- Marlborough Street doesn't have any apartment developments per se. Rather, apartments and condos are located in stately, often very historic brownstones and other buildings. That's one of the many reasons that buying or renting here is so challenging. It pays to know the property management companies offering places to rent or buy along this east-west thoroughfare. Boston City Properties not only knows them but also keeps continual tabs on what's available. With our help, you'll save a lot of time and avoid a lot of frustration.

Marlborough Street Condos and Apartments for Rent

The rental market for Marlborough Street condos and apartments is insanely competitive. Who wouldn't want to live on this quaint, tree-lined street? Whether you're interested in a condo or apartment here, you can expect to find only the best in terms of style, quality and comfort. From cozy studios to sprawling nine-bedroom residences, the options are seemingly limitless. In terms of rent, you'll find options ranging from around $1,200 a month to well more than $15,000 a month. Regardless of your needs or budget, Boston City Properties can assist you in finding the perfect new home on this exquisite street.

Buy or Lease a Great New Home on Marlborough Street with Boston City Properties

Renting isn't your only option when it comes to the Back Bay in general and Marlborough Street in particular. At any given moment, there are numerous Marlborough Street condos for sale. Prices generally begin around $250,000, and many are listed for upwards of $10 million. Contact Boston City Properties today to kick-start your search for the perfect Marlborough Street apartment or condo.