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Ritz Carlton Boston

Ritz Carlton Boston

Of the many upscale Back Bay apartment developments you can consider, the Ritz-Carlton Towers are among the most unique. By renting a condo apartment here, you will essentially be living in a luxury hotel 24/7/365. Boston City Properties is well-versed in this unique development and can help you find a great new home there.

The Basics

The Ritz-Carlton Towers soar more than 30 stories up into the sky. Sandwiched between the Harbor on one side and the Back Bay on the other, they offer a convenient location for busy Boston residents.


There are lots of perks to living at Ritz-Carlton Towers. Some of the best examples include:

• Hotel Services - For extra fees, you can enjoy premium hotel services like housekeeping, room service and more. Indeed, living at Ritz-Carlton Towers in a lavish condo is like living in a swanky hotel full time because, well, that's what you'll be doing!
• L.A. Sports Club Gym - Most upscale apartment communities have fitness centers. As a resident of the Ritz-Carlton Towers, you'll have access to this incredible fitness facility. Without having to stop by a local gym, you'll save a ton of time and money.
• Swimming Pool - The pool at Ritz-Carlton Towers offers another great way to get in some exercise on busy days. It's also a great place to relax and unwind after a long day.


The condo apartments of Ritz-Carlton Towers are designed with discerning Bostonians in mind. High-end touches greet you at every turn, and the surroundings are nothing short of lavish. It's easy to see why the units here don't stay vacant for very long.

Some key facts about Ritz-Carlton apartment condos include:

• Types - Each unit at Ritz-Carlton Towers is utterly unique. As such, you must check the available listings to see which configurations are available. To give you an idea, one-bedroom units typically offer between 650 and more than 1,000 square feet of space. The typical three-bedroom condo home here offers between 2,100 and more than 2,600 square feet.
• Floor-to-Ceiling Windows - Wherever you go in your unit at Ritz-Carlton Towers, amazing views of Boston greet you. That's because all units feature huge floor-to-ceiling windows.
• Washers and Dryers - You will love being able to do your own laundry right at home. All condo apartments here are equipped with top-quality washers and dryers, so the days of hitting the local laundromat will be well behind you.

Locate the Ideal Condo Apartment at Ritz-Carlton Towers with Boston City Properties

Don't rule anything out when looking for Back Bay apartments. It could be that the condo apartments at Ritz-Carlton Towers are perfect for you. Boston City Properties can help you find out, so start your search today.